Shapewear – One of women’s best friends

Shapewear –

One of women’s best friendsĀ – All women wish disguise her little fats in belly or her well-endowed legs. According with the studies realized, the largest consumers are the plus size women who dream to define better her belly and disguise her little fats in this area. But, this does not mean that slim women don’t use shapewear, in most cases, they use to disguise the marks of the lingerie when they use a dress, for example. The secret is to choose the correct size, either larger or smaller, only your exact size. Use shapewear has many benefits: reduction of inches, emotional benefits, self-esteem and willingness to dare in several models of clothing and lingerie. There are several types and styles of lingerie, just have to choose the best for us! Surely you will find that model that will please you, it’s just a matter of search and research.

All from Victoria's Secret
All from Victoria’s Secret

Bodysuit – This piece shapes all body including the breasts, belly, thighs and waist. It can also conceal some textures of bras. You can use bodysuit when use tight clothes, for example dresses or skirts.

Panty Girdles – They shapes perfectly the waist and belly, thighs and hips. It corrects the lumbar region, improving posture and decreasing the back pain.

Waist Cinchers – Their function is to improve body posture, providing good lumbar support and also relieves back pain. It is perfect to use casual or formal clothes, since it will give a nice silhouette and well modeled.

Bustiers / Camisoles – Their principal function is shape the trunk, give a better support to breasts and conceal some textures of bras. When you use tight tops, you should wear one bustier/camisole to shape well your silhouette.

These are the principal types of shapewear but exists others subtypes of shapewear, for example, the panty girdles with leg, panty girdles with skirt… You should use only the best type for your body and one that gives more comfort for you.

Do you use shapewear? Daily or only in special occasions?

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