How do Shopping online safetly?

Shopping online safetly – It’s true and we know that many brands have now their own e-shops/e-commerce, and the products that we see on those type of e-shops are exclusive. It’s a good way to buy things comfortably in our house, avoiding queues and confusions, and if we do it securely.

In order that erase myths and some doubts about this type of shopping, today I will talk about some security measures that you should follow if you thinking buy a thing online.


First of all you should see the reputation rating of the shop that you want to buy – you can see it at forums, Facebook’s page or other social networks. You can ask your family or friends about that shop, if they already made an order.

How you can know if the shop is safe? With two simple steps: the first is see the security stamps as like “Safe Site” or “Safe Internet”, that means that the information that you give this site isn’t used by other people; the second is see if at the payout, at the address bar, appears a lock symbol – it’s a SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an important security feature.

15625848_gBHHmA SSL example

In every e-shop you visit, you should read the Terms and Conditions of every site that informs the buyers about their Returns Politics and other important information.

Don’t buy via spam email because probably it is a virus.

Use the Paypal to pay your items – with this site, your bank details are not given to the seller and you are protecting yourself.

The search for a specific product makes us often turn to foreign sites, which on one hand can be good, the other bad. Before opting for this type of purchase, please note:
• Many of the products are taxed at customs or when they are not, taxes and costs of shipping applied to your order can be more expensive and therefore disadvantageous for those who purchase, eventually “cheap get expensive”
• Delivery times may be more extensive and time-consuming
• If it is a scam, it’s more complicated the defense agencies of the country solving your case
• Depending on the product, if it has a malfunction, there can’t exists technical assistance in your country

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