Summer looks for the beach or pool

Summer looks for the beach or pool –

It’s summer time! Who don’t like it? In this season, we can do everything: take sunbathes, get tan, doing exercise, celebrate the life with sunsets and parties… Talking about sunbathes, where you usually go to get tan? If you go to the beach or swimming pool, you have to choose the right outfit for that, I guess.

In this summer, whenever you go to the beach or pool, please choose light clothing like shorts, tops or dresses, because with these clothes you will feel fresh for a long time. Don’t forget too the sun cream (reapply at every 2h) , the sunglasses, the hat and lots of water. And, for sure, the bikini or the swimsuit. For that, I chose many bikinis and swimsuits from Enamorata, a portuguese beachwear brand. Tell me what was your favourite look that I suggested to you:


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