The Powerful Shorts

The Powerful Shorts –

When the weather is great, the people usually use and abuse shorts of different kinds, since patterned and exuberant to more basic and comfortable, but there all still people who don’t use shorts because don’t have self-esteem or self-confidence in themselves and chooses not to join the trend, a choice that is totally wrong because there are different types of shorts for all body types can use.The powerful shorts

If you are chubby…
You can use shorts for sure! But pay attention to the characteristics of shorts. You should choose high-waisted shorts, in darkest colors, with structured tissues and with the length to the knee. Use with high heels to lengthen your silhouette and look fitter. You will be shining where you are go!

To thin girls
If you are thin, you have more than one option to choose! The shorter shorts and low-waisted are the popular options! You can use shorts length to the knee too, you are free to choose!

Disguising your large hips
You should pay attention to not use clothing that gives to you more curves than you have. To avoid this situation you should choose shorts with straight cut and combine them with blouses and shirts with patterns and colourful. Use necklaces and scarfs to divert all attentions to the trunk. Go girl!

The magic shorts
As opposed at girls who have excess of curves, exist girls that want to have more curves than they have. So, in this way, if you not have the curves that you want, the shorts could be a helpful weapon.
The straight cut shorts could be used by girls that don’t have curves and thin legs as shorts which have pockets and volume. Use more basic shirts or blouses to not divert the attentions to the trunk.

Tall girls
If you aren’t a model but you have a body like one, you could use folded shorts and large if you have thin legs. If you want flatten your body proportions, you should choose long shorts. Use with chiffon blouses and shirts.

Shorty girls
For you, the better option are the short shorts to lengthen your silhouette. Use and abuse of them if you are in fit, use with t-shirts and informal blouses and sneakers to get an informal look to use daily or use to go to the beach.

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