Tips for Makeup Products

If you are a makeup lover you probably have a lot of products and sometimes we lose a few products when we could do something to save it so to help you with that today I’ll give a few tips to help you maintain your products in the best way is possible without losing too much things!

Tips for Makeup Products
Tips for Makeup Products

1º – Some products suffer the effects of heat, so is very important keep it out of sunlight and hot environments.

2º – Humidity can be a huge problem, it creates an environment that is propitious to proliferation of bacteria’s and fungi, besides this kind of environment will damage your product, like lasting time, if it is an eye shadow it maybe won’t have the desire effect. So try to not keep your makeup products in the bathroom.

3º – Validity is very important, sometimes we buy a product but don’t use it too much so we forget how long we have it, so check the validity it’s so important, if you have any product with validity expired you must discard it! A product with validity expired can cause damage to your skin, eye and it’s not the idea, it should make you more beautiful not cause you damage so don’t feel pity. Just discard it.

4º – If your lipstick melted when the wheatear heat or because you forgot it for a long time in your purse, to save it you can put it in the fridge just for a few minutes before you use it.

5º – If your lipstick broke to fix it the trick is use a lighter to heat the end of both pieces and then you will put the lightly melted pieces together and put it on the fridge to go back to normal temperature. But don’t do it always because the impact of temperatures can damage the shinning and softness of your lipstick.

6º – The Mascara can dry with the time, so if it happen you can put a few drops of saline in the bottle and mix it. This way you’ll be able to use it for a little longer.

7º – When you need sharpen your eye pencil you can put it on the fridge for a few minutes before you start sharpening; This way you’ll avoid that the tip broke in the process.

I hope this tips help you like it help me! =)

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