Types of body – Hourglass

Types of body – Hourglass. Do you remember the last posts that I talked about the types of body? If not, you can see here, and there the type of body that you are.

Today I’m going to talk about the hourglass shape, which have proportional breast and hips with a slim waist, so its means that you have the classical women silhouette. In this way, you should follow some tips to highlight your amazing curves.large (26)

Let’s start for the bra. It’s important to have a good and correct support of breasts, so you should choose the correct bra (with thick straps) to get the wanted results. If you want to more about this subject, you should see this post.

After choose a correct lingerie to look stunning, you should wear some clothes that will highlight your silhouette. For example, if you are skirt addicted, you should choose the pencil skirt: they are good to evidence the women curves. The same thing to dresses: choose the ones that are fairer on hips for everyone can see your amazing potential.

It’s jeans time. All women loves jeans a lot (including me!), because they’re comfortable and looks good with a lot of things. For all jeans lovers that have an hourglass body type, hear the next tip from your big friend Joana: you can and should use jeans, provided that are boot cut and with high waist.

In relation to blouses, tops and outerwear, you should pay attention too. Choose blouses and tops that have V neckline, they value a lot the bust. About the jackets and blazers, the only thing that I can say is to use and abuse of belted models because they are a powerful weapon to value the waist.

Now, to conclude my article, I have one special tip for you, my dear: look stunning and have proud in the person that you are!

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