Types of body – Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle –

You have large shoulders, big bust and slim hips and legs? If you have these characteristics, you have without doubts a inverted triangle shape, the opposite of triangle shape.

So, in this way, you only want to disguise, one more time, your “critical” area and highlight what you have better in your body, right? The zones which you should highlight are your hips and legs. You should also separate the abdominal area, using belted pieces in the abdominal area. The key to harmony is dark pieces on top and clear parts below.

Inverted Triangle

Unlike those who have triangle shaped body, you can and should highlight your legs and hips, using printed jeans, leggings, shorts or skirts to concentrate all attentions in these areas, but isn’t all. Use bottoms with volume and patterns, A-line skirts and boot-cut jeans. Your legs will look so fabulous!

For trunk you should using V necklines, dresses/tunics with empire cut, baby doll dresses and basic tops. They contrast very well with all type of bottom and disguise your “bad” area, the zone you want disguise. You can play with colors and make some contrasts with trunk and bottom, using dark tones with clear colors. Let’s have some fun with fashion!

Accessories, my dear accessories! You should not forget the accessories: a look without accessories is a pretty basic look, without life, without brightness, and you do not want it, or want?

So, how I know you do not want it, I will continue giving my precious fashion tips only for you (and your friends and family, of course).  For accessories, you should have and use belts to highlight the waist and separate the abdominal area. Another accessory you should bet are the long necklaces, not very showy or maxi, only long.

To finalize my post and my today tips, I advise you to use leggings with tunics or dresses and high heels, they tune and shape better your silhouette and you will look more fashionable and tuning.

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