Types of body – Rectangle

Types of body – Rectangle –

I’ve already gave tips about the Triangle and Inverted Triangle shape. Continuing this topic, today I will give to you some tips to take better advantage of your body, in special if you have rectangle shape.

As I already said here, you don’t have curves as others silhouettes types, a type of body typical on puberty, at which the teenagers suffers body changes, but you don’t are less pretty than others, nothing at all! You only have disadvantages as others types of body, so, you only should search tips to give to your body curves and look stunning. Don’t have complexes, please! Accept your body as it is.

Types of Body - Rectangle

Since the objective is giving curves to your silhouette, nothing better as do it! But you are now asking “How may I do it?”. It’s more easily than appears. So, we go slowly in the tips:

  1. You for sure have necessity to give volume to your bust. In this way, you should use push-up bras. They are very good to fulfill this function. Try it!
  2. Highlighting your waist is a good way to appear more curvilinear. You can do it by using belts, coats, tunics and dresses belted
  3. In relation to hips, use low waist pants, tulip skirts and all bottoms which have low waist
  4. Don’t forget to use accessories which give to you volume and deviate all the attentions to that zone of the body, as patterned scarves, maxi necklaces… Use with moderation and you will look stunning, of course!

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