Types of body – Triangle

Do you remember what your type of body is? If not, click here and see what it to follow my tips. If you have a triangle body, you have a long and slim trunk, with wide hips and legs. Your principal concern is to disguise your hips and legs and highlight the best you have: your trunk.

Types of body – Triangle

If you love to wear jeans, you should choose high waist or boot cut jeans to disguise your wide hips and legs. To balance your appearance, you should use and abuse of long coats in these cold days. Divert all attentions to your trunk using blouses, tops and cardigans with small details on shoulders.

In relation to accessories, you can abuse of maxi necklaces, maxi earrings (pay attention and use only one of these pieces or you will be look like a Christmas tree) scarves, hair accessories and maxi bags to diverts all attentions to the trunk and not to the butt.

Do you like high heels? If you like, get to know you can use them without problems! They tune your silhouette better than other type of shoes. Don’t use belts on the waist, they expand the zone. Choose coats and blazers whose length does not end up on the hips to not mark too the region.

A big tip to harmonize and redefine your look is use dark tones to the bottom and light colors to the trunk. Pay attention to pattern clothes: give more importance to vertical lines on the bottom and horizontal lines (if you are slim) to the trunk, overlays of clothing (on the trunk).

Don’t use pattern pants, slim jeans or in light colors, they divert all attentions to the zone you want disguise. Pay attention to the pockets on your jeans: they give an illusion of big legs, more than seems in fact.

You can’t use all type of sleeve, moreover, you can’t use bat sleeves, for example. They shape the arms and don’t divert the attentions to your best zone of your body, the bust. The same thing applies to the straps too thin of the tops. You should be careful and choose large straps.

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