Say goodbye to the whiter shades of pale and the monotony of black and say hello to the outrageous universally flattering shade -orange. One of the bombshell color trends for spring and summer 2014 is fiery ‘orange’.

orange trend

From lipstick hues to ferocious heels and ravishing handbags , this vibrant shade is all over to keep you ready to wear and flaunt it to parties.

The runways are peppered with cayenne hued flirty frocks and bold vivid pops of neon orange.Whether its a bold cocktail dress, a pair of pumps , there is no better color than orange to sputter yourself.The right styling of accessories and footwear can turn your orange hued outfit from sophisticated to whimsy just the way you desire.


orange in vogue

The hue that has cropped up time and time again is orange and has become one tall fashion trend being seen on and off the runways.You can wear a flouncy orange skirt with a neutral colored Victorian blouse and take on the world.The orange hue is rising up the ante and is creating a new revolution in the fashion world as the color is not only eye catching but also stunning.

Break up the color a little! Orange is such a bright and bold color that it can completely overtake you! Add a neutral colored belt or a beige scarf or other classy accessories to help you to offset the color slightly.

Orange is a fun and blazing color associated with brightness. The influx of orange dresses is completely the covet you require which adds on to the modishness of all the fashionistas giving you the chic twist you had been longing for.

orange trends


What’s spring without a big hit of a color? In the transition from chilly to warmer temperatures we are all ready to embrace a hot hue . Go for a bluer orange if your complexion is fair. Spicier orange reds will flatter the dark skin. Keep your hair sleek and lips neutral and step out in a black or neutral pair of shoes to exhilarate yourself.

The panoply of warm sunshine color orange is revitalizing enough to make you girls all the more endearing. From tangerine to carrot The gorgeousness of the color orange which is the epitome of vibrancy gives the chics a sophisticated and a charming look.

Take a break from your monotonous shiny dresses. Add orange hue to freshen up , enliven and brighten your wardrobe.

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