Winter staples for your wardrobe

As mercury levels drop, we seek warmth in clothing. Winter is the time to let go of light and breezy cottons. It is the time to wear woollen, leather and wool blended fabrics. Shopping for winter can be real fun if you happen to live in places with cold winters.Trench coat

One can segment the winter wardrobe in two parts. One section is devoted to home clothes and another one of course, for outdoor use. For home style clothing, anything literally goes. But, if you want to step out in style, wear an attire that is comforting and also stylish. Choosing from the wide range of winter clothing available at our disposal consumes a great deal of thought. Form and function wise, cardigan is the most versatile form of winter clothing. It can be worn at places with mild winter. During other times of the year, it can act as a shrug. If the cardigan has buttons, it is called as sweater. Women of all sizes can carry this piece well. Second in line is the pullover. It is trendy unisex apparel. It can be worn loose or in a fitted form. One can wear a woolen pullover and also call it a jumper.

When weather gets chilly, jumpers and cardigans barely act as a shield, particularly if one has to venture outdoors. This is where coats come into play. Coats are attracting attention due to their classy and feminine appeal. They are classified on the basis of fit, length and neck shapes.  The winter coats usually come in suede, fur, leather and other blends of fabricsTrench coat, military coat, cape coat wrap coat, pea coat are just some of the few types. Trench and pea coats are among the most popular. The former is usually longer than the pea coats which typically end below the hip. It is said Jackie Onassis brought fame to the pea coat. A trench can be worn with slim fit jeans and boots. It goes well with a tank or a dress underneath in a contrasting color. One also finds trenches in cotton blends. They come in attractive colors and are best Beanie hatworn during fall. A poncho-like coast is gaining popularity these days. Cape coat is being embraced for a relaxed look and comfort offered. It has a free fall with infinity sleeves.

A garment with well defined sleeves and fit defines a jacket.  Its versatility appeals both men and women. It lends a casual smart look to the wearer. These pair up with any kind of trouser. A stylish wearer can also pull it off with a skirt. When winter hits a high, skirts can be baring. In such a case, leg warmers and long socks come to rescue and provide the needed warmth. Winter accessories are very important while assembling a wardrobe. Scarves and stoles are the first things that come to mind. These can be dress savers as well as enhancers. Just wrap one around the neck or throw it over the shoulders and you are good to go. They come in silk, cashmere, viscose to name a few. Designs and colors are endless. Your best bet would be to match the outfit with a complementing color.

While talking about head to toe accessories, hats and shoes cannot be left behind. The most commonly flaunted fat is the beanie hat, as they are also commonly available. One can either wear a slouchy one or a fitting sort. Winter is also a time to bring out those knee-high boots, ankle booties and wedges. This is the best time to flaunt them!

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