Arahne Print And Drape Software in Textile

Arahne print and drape are textile software. We use in both textile techniques like weaving and printing. When we explore our designs  on paper and if we wish to see exact effect on fabrics, in that case only this software helps you to give you exact impact which you wish.

arahne texture software

Creating Design:

We can easily create our design in this software. Generally it is used to develop our hand created design. We can scan our prints and then we develop in this software for both weave as well prints. For the printing we can use scanned image and then refine colors. Because when we scan a paper it shows unlimited colors. It is not possible to print. So we refine the similar colors which are used in original hand print.

Size and Color:

We fix the size of print and then we develop it. Even we can play with different color as well. And we can print with similar color, also we can play with different repeats. Likewise we can work for the screen separation for individual color we can develop unlimited screens.

Individual Screen:

To create individual screen we pick the single color and develop a separation for developing a screen. When we pick a single color it will take all design with this same color once we just have to pick. And then we can directly give to printing for screen preparation.

We can see our design in drape also for the draping  its another software we use which is only for the drape its arahne drape . we can visualize our design how its going to look and on how many products we can apply so we can choose and implement easily its very good for clients to make them understand easily how our print goona look.

Play with Design:

We can play our design in many sizes by using tools of this software, like we can do zoom and minimize size of print according to garment or either we can use specific part if we like most and we just want to use that part only we can use. We can drape on our models or we can download and can use.

arahne print software

Home furnishing designs:

We can explore on garments/home furnishing /interior etc. when we use any models and when we do start draping we can give some addition tailoring finishing as well like we can use individually iteams like buttons/zip/ribbon/stitched effects etc.

This same process applies on textile waves we can develop weaves in Arahne Weave same as print we scan hand print and then we develop the weave in this software with the same color scheme we use different threads of different count no we can use some fancy yarns also.

After selection of color and yarns we develop a weave and then we can explore like print in Arahne  Drape on different garments and different costume and for home furnishing products also.

We can play them with different color scheme with one design and same design can be played on different garments. So we can give our clients so many different options.

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