What is CAD-CAM in Fashion Industry?

CAD-CAM is software used in computer systems. CAD (Computer Aided Design) helps to assist in the development, variation, scrutiny, or optimization of a design anything very perfectly.CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) allows controlling machines.

Cad has reached an astonishing place in almost every field. It has substituted all the manual methods also, where the time and energy is saved. It can’t be put back by another method. When CAD design software designs were introduced for the first time, they brought a blast change.

CAD placed a key role in increasing manufacturing productivity and decisive design requirements in fashion industry. Companies which are not equipped with CAD-CAM will not survive in the future years.

  • Fashion Designing CAD CAM

We can be able to craft 3D models with the size and shape as we want to create and we can make modifications to the model whenever necessary. You can change the pose, stance, size, background and any other thing. It can also be saved in the library and used if needed.

In Fashion Designing, different colors can be picked up from the color library. The color palette has infinite choice of colors. We can also create a new color by mixing up of one with the other.

  • Pattern Making CAD CAM

CAD software like Gerber, Red Tree etc can be used to create patterns. Patterns created using CAD software are very accurate and it can be graded very easily using a base pattern. Grading measurements are given at grading points. Any measurement alterations can be done easily.

CAD software facing various generations is being upgraded with many innovative features. We can also upgrade our software from the internet by downloading them. Different new templates and design ideas can be downloaded to improve the libraries.

Most of the fashion industries started using CAD-CAM technology. It has modernized the fashion industry to a great extent.

The following image shows the CAD software with 3D Model.


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