CAD Software in Fashion Designing

CAD software in Fashion designingWhen CAD/CAM software was introduced in the souk they created rumble development.CAD/CAM software is a dazzling one and it allows us to design almost anything and everything. But still people thought that CAD could not replace manual methods of designing. But now a day’s CAD/CAM has substituted manual methods in almost every field. The time which is saved while using CAD/CAM can never be possible in any other methods.

CAD Software in Fashion Designing:

3D models with the size and shape are created by CAD software in Fashion designing. Created models can be made any changes at any moment. Changes like editing the posture, stance, size, background and any other thing can be made. The edited model can be saved and stored in the library and can be used whenever it is required. Changes or modifications can be made in the existing designs and a brand new design will be in front of you.

If it is not be able to create a model or don’t know how to make one there are virtual libraries available from where model or design can be selected and with the slight change it will all be yours new one. The patterns created will be as accurate as possible when created in CAD.

Pattern can be graded in their sizes i.e. the patterns are reduced or increased in their size whenever it is required. So scaling does not require lengthy operations. Millions of patterns can be created from one pattern now with the help of it. Slight changes can also be done.

Color Library contains lots and millions of colors from which colors can be picked up. Or else new color can be created by mixing up of two or more colors .Now again the palette has endless range of colors. Color in the design at any point of designing can also be changed.

Software can be upgraded every on and off as new features appear on the internet. It can also be downloaded. The library can be improved by downloading the new templates and design ideas online.

There are some useful CAD software’s available online. They are as follows, OptiTex CAD Software, eTelestia CAD Software. There are software’s that help you in creating patterns for the design and they also help you in scaling the pattern and grading them.

There are more to it other than all about creating fashion illustrations in designing. There are software’s that assist in creating patterns and also they facilitate in scaling the patterns and grading them. Fashion CAD is accurate pattern making software for pattern fitting. This software is perfect for home based system as well as for industrial use. It is reasonably priced too. We can make modifications with this software whenever it is needed.

OptiTex CAD Software specializes in creating software which is easy to operate it. These software ranges from simple 2D to new and modern 3D software. A fundamental model can created and garment can be designed using this software. The virtual model will precisely be in the shape and size that is provided. This software takes into account very small details that are often ignored in other software. 3D virtual clothing is also available from which one can choose design for the model.

eTelestia CAD Software is easy to download online and easy to operate. With this eTelestia CAD Software we can design our own collection without aid of a professional software expert. There are varieties of demonstration existing in the software for the help. This software allows you to design more personalized designs. eTelestia has many new options that are easier to use than previous tedious systems.


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