Relax Yourself by Crocheting

Crochet is a method of creating fabric from yarn or thread, by using a hook and a ball of yarn. There are different size of hooks from small to big which is used according to the yarn or threads used. You can crochet anything like mats, hats, scarf, booties for babies etc…

Lets see how to hold our crochet hook . It can be holded in two methods (a) first is as we hold a pencil (b) Second one is as we hold a knife. We can practice anyone which we feel comfortable.

crochet making

To maintain the slight tension in the yarn necessary for easy,even s
itches, you may find it helpful to wrap the yarn around the fingers of the hand opposite the one holding the hook.Try one of these ways,or find another way that feels comfortable to you.


For working any stitch in crochet basic is a foundation chain. It is very simple and primary step, which is a series of chain stitches beginning with a slip knot.

slip knot making

Make a circle with yarn or thread.

loop making technique

Pull a loop through the circle.

hook-loop making

Insert the hook in the loop.

slide knot making

Pull gently and evenly to close the loop and slide the knot up to the hook.

Chain Stitch

The chain is used as abase to build stitches in to in piece of crochet.Usually one stitch is worked in to each of the chains although this can vary according to the pattern. Sometimes more than one stitch is worked in to a chain or chain stitches are missed out.

Chain stitches are also used to create height at the end of the row to make sure the crochet stays straight at the sides.  You can see this happen where you are told to chain 1 stitch then start crocheting into the stitch next to the new chain stitch. Yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop already on the hook to form a new loop.Be careful not to tighten the previous loop. Repeat to form the number of chains specified in the instructions.Do not count the slip knot as a stitch.

Chain stitches making

Single Crochet Stitch

Lets look how to make the single crochet. As the above instruction make some basic chain to start.

(1) Insert the hook in to the second chain from hook on the starting chain draw yarn through the same stitch.

(2) Yarn over again and pull the yarn through both loops on the hook.

(3)One sc made.Insert hook into next stitch;repeat the same through all the stitches.

Single Crochet Stitch making

crochet work from home


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