Growth of technology in sports textiles – breathable sportswear is the blessing for the sports guys.

The word breathable describes it gives good ventilation while doing work outs. Professional sports player mostly prefer this.

It has the water-repellent properties which repels perspiration and keeps the body cool.  It keeps the player without getting irritated during work outs.

It gives protection against environment like air, wind and rain.

Highly usable breath wear enables the user to control body temperature and experience the physical comfort.

Water proof wear in sports:

Human skin constantly releases 200ml/hr sweat at rest and thrice than this during heavy activity.  There will be continuous sweating during play of football and running. During that time it is necessary to repel perspiration and keep the body cool.

breathable sports wear

Breathability :

The most basic property that the sportswear must have sweat absorbency.Breathable sports garments ensure rapid moisture vapour transmission through garments, thus making any physically comfortable.

Properties of breathable sportswear:

Easy care

Optimum heat and moisture regulation

Good air and water vapour permeability

Rapid moisture absorption and conveyance capacity

Absence of dampness

Dimensionally stable even when wet


Soft and pleasant touch

Rapid drying to prevent catching cold

The materials highly used for this purpose:

Cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon are widely used material for making this sportswear.

Since cotton had the good absorbency it is highly preferable.

Perfect Shoe for sports guys:

The breathable sports shoe are specially designed for marathon runners, professional sports man.

The perforated rubber sole contains the special micro porous membrane that allow foot to breath naturally and protects it’s naturally.

Even its expensive it will safeguard our body. Professional runners prefer this. It ‘ill eliminates the unwanted wet feeling getting inside the shoe and helps them by giving comfort.

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