How to do Fabric Painting?

Printing your shirts is a fun, economical approach to make shirts offering your band name, group mascot or basically an intriguing picture or example. To begin, purchase some plain shirts, think of an outline and pick your printing strategy. This article traces guidelines on printing utilizing three separate systems: and iron on-exchange paper, a stencil, a screen. There are various method of fabric painting on tee, one of them is discussed here-


colors fabric paint Method: Screen Printing

 Gather supplies:

 The essential idea is utilizing a screen to equitably disperse the paint around a stencil. Utilizing this technique, it’s conceivable to apply a few layers of colour and make complicated plans. This is what you need for approving a fabric painting on any cloth.

  • A shirt- You can make some screen-print on most sorts of fabrics, however cotton works best for apprentices. Make certain to wash, dry, and iron it before utilizing.
  • A screen-these are accessible at symbolization supply stores. Pick one that is about the same width as of a shirt.
  • Screen printing ink- Select one or more shades to make your outline.
  • A squeegee- This is utilized to cover the ink up the screen and apply it to the shirt.
  • Art paper- Utilization specialty paper that is sliced to the same size as the screen.
  • A specialty blade- This is utilized to cut your configuration into the specialty paper.

stencil for fabric paintingMake the stencil:

 Utilize the art blade to remove a configuration of the art papers. You may need to draw it before you begin cutting. Make the configuration as basic or as perplexing as you’d demand. On the off chance that you need to make more than one layer of shade, make an alternate stencil for each one colour.

 Preparing of your work station:

Spread a level surface with scrap paper or butcher paper. Now put the shirt on the surface and smooth out any folds or wrinkles. Place the paper stencil on the shirt where you need the configuration to be. Now Place screen upon the stencil.

 Ink the screen:

  •  Put a little amount of ink onto the highest point of the screen. Utilize the squeegee to spread it equally down the screen portion. Make a second swipe with the squeegee over the screen.
  •  It may require some minor practice to get to the hang of colour inking the screen (and the shirt beneath it). Attempt to make only two swipes: one vertical swipe and one level. This will guarantee you apply the perfect measure of paint in an actually covering.
  •  Verify the edges of the paper stencil reach out past the corners of the screen. Else, you’ll get ink on the shirt outside the outskirts of the stencil.

Now letting the ink dry by lifting the screen:steps of fabric painting

 Precisely uproot the screen and analyse your work. Let the ink dry totally before utilizing or washing the shirt.

 Use the screen again:

When you expel the screen from the shirt, the paper stencil ought to be adhered to the paint on the screen. You can put this on the other shirt and apply some more ink to repeat the configuration. Rehash with as numerous shirts as you like.

 Wash off the screen.

Quickly wash the screen before the ink dries.

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