What is kimono sleeve ???

Kimono sleeve are wide loose short or wrist length. This style is obtained from traditional Japanese dresses and adapted as today fashion.

It is the famous sleeve style and mostly loved by younger’s as it gives mush comfort because of its looseness. It is important of other types of sleeves.

kimono sleeve

Literally kimono means “thing to wear”

Traditionally it was used by unmarried women on special occasions.

The formal kimono was replaced by the more convenient Western clothes. It can also used in ankle length

History of kimono sleeve

Kimono sleeve is traditional wear of Japanese. There are different types of kimono and they have cultural meaning. The length of sleeve varies from age to age people who wearing it.

The traditional kimono is the complex design made only in the silk materials. The dresses will have simple t-shape with short or long sleeves.

It is worn on special occasion and marriage ceremony during those days.

American fashion first impressed and followed the kimono sleeve in 1940 s and they did some alterations and released in their market.

Different Styles of kimono sleeve:


It is national costume of women of Philippines. It starts at the shoulder and become wider while coming down and will not be more than 4-5 inches.

kimono sleeve

Long sleeve:

The majority of kimono dress have long sleeve because of its soft and gorgeous look. The sleeve will extend below the wrist.

kimono sleeve

Short sleeve:

Short kimono-sleeves are cut just under the shoulder. Sometimes they are cut in a vertical line which reduces the amount of fabric, while other times they are cut at a horizontal line which makes the sleeve more billowy. The sleeves that are cut on a horizontal line can make the shoulders look larger than they are.

kimono sleeve

Squared kimono sleeve:

It has straight cut.  Look in exact t shape. Similar to capped sleeve it looks.

kimono sleeve

Why to wear kimono:

  • Increase confidence
  • Design is unique and gives nice look
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Feminine look
  • Expressing aesthetic sense

Kimono sleeve tops are both attractive and gorgeous loved by all. Just try these in this season.

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