Puff sleeve in fashion: Balloon at the top of arms which create Puff at the shoulder line is called Puff sleeve. This Sleeves Come in any length and ideal for pear-shaped and square-shaped body type. Puff sleeve always liked by everyone, it add an extra pattern to kurti. This type of sleeve found on long & short kurti.

The puff sleeve gives great look and neat effect to the dress. Just try it out in your daily wear and feel the difference among other type of sleeves.

The puff sleeve came into fashion in 17th century itself. During olden days it is very famous among queen Costumes. They loved it most. After certain days the different styles in puff sleeve came to fashion. PUFF SLEEVEPuffed sleeves were deemed the height of femininity, while at others, they were considered overkill and best kept on costumes. Often associated with Disney princesses and Shakespearean heroines, the puffed sleeve has undergone many transformations in size and shape over the years.

Some styles of puffed sleeves billowed most at the upper arm, while others billowed out at the elbow, or even puffed out from the shoulder and tapered all the way to the wrist – a style dubbed the “gigot sleeve”. In 1880s the usage of puff got decreased and again it came in fashion.

Couple of times puff gone out and came in the fashion again. In gowns, kurti it is widely used. In current trend it came in formal fashion thanks to such dynasty shows which made this sleeve widely use.

Due to its enhancing look bridal costumes also started to use this sleeve in ceremonial dresses.  Button up shirts, t-shirts features detailing such as pleating which pucker the fabric at shoulder and creates the puffed effect.

The popularity of movie pirates of Caribbean contributed to grow the interest of puff.. it got famous among world-wide and reached many people’s.

The other type of sleeve is also combined and used with puff and rocking In this trend.. Try some of those combinations and check it out how it works for you.

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