The rocking raglan sleeve in apparel………

The rocking raglan sleeve in apparel: The sleeve that extends to the neck line is called as raglan sleeve. The raglan sleeve is used when making certain types of t shirts, jersey sports and wear.

The construction of this sleeve different from that of typical shirt sleeve because it has seam goes from underarm to neckline.

The raglan sleeve is one which has only piece of sleeve which joints from neck without shoulder.

These sleeves work with the loose, free flow and give comfortable to wear. There is no shoulder seam in this sleeve.

the raglan sleeve

Their construction is very easy and consumes less time than normal sleeve. In sweater this type of sleeve is highly preferred.

Raglan sleeves start at the very top of the sweater, with the work of separating them out starting on the very first row, or close to it.

In many cases it is stitched using different color material than the one used for whole shirt. To show the differentiation in sleeve it is sewn in this manner. Using contrast color will be more highlighting.

In maternity clothes this sleeve is used because of looseness and comfort. Many types of jackets and coats have raglan sleeves due to the fact that they provide more comfort. This style is common in letterman jackets.

At some point, the sleeves will need to be set aside as you continue working the body of the sweater. At that point, you will slip the stitches that will become the sleeves onto stitch holders and continue working the body of the sweater.

A sleeve that begins at the neck and has a long, slanting seam line from the neck to the armhole, giving the garment a relatively shoulder.

It is also a preferred style for knitting and crocheting sweaters, due to its simplicity and the relatively short time it takes to complete. This sleeve is wider in under arm areas than other sleeves.

These are the characteristic of raglan… Try this outfit in your wardrobe and be the fashion follower.

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