Textile innovation – 3D fabrics

The development of science and technology got developed beyond the way we think. The invention of 3 dimensional fabric gives good development in textile industry. It made everyone to look back and wonder. The exact three dimensional look is achieved in this. It is formed by interpreting of three yarns.

yarn in 3d form

Properties of 3d fabrics: 

  •  High strength
  •  Ability to form complex shapes
  •  High stability
  •  High structural integrity
  •  Light weight
  • The advantage of this technology is diverse. It is usually produced on multi warp yarn to form the interlacing pattern. 3 d Fiberglass Fabric is a newly developed fiberglass braided fabric consisting of two bi-directional woven fabrics knitted together by vertical braided pillars. 3D Fiberglass Fabric is often the first choice for many enterprises to manufacture framework members of automobile, locomotives, aerospace, ship, sports, wind generator construction, decoration, etc.
  • It is made up of organic material.
  • It is also popular in manufacturing of curtain wall. Poster and other type of materials.
  • 3D braided fabrics have found applications in critical areas such as medicine and aerospace industries. Other areas of applications include automobiles, train components, and reinforced hoses.  The motivation for the development of 3D braided fabrics came from the composite and medical industries.3 d yarns
Manufacturing techniques:

Circular braiding and over braiding

Four step braiding process

Two step braiding process

3D rotary braiding


Reduces heat buildup, provide consistent air circulation and high moisture technique. It is used in aerospace industries and medical industry. 3 d fiber product are also used in the shipping industry as frame work material to ship as internal decorating , decoration panel, door etc..

Automotive advantages:

Air bags, carpets, seat coverings

Garment application: Hats, inner wear, outer wear
Medical: Artificial joint and blood vessels.

The ability to take complexity and labor out of manual composites fabrication processes through the innovative automation of engineered performs is a key to more widespread use of composites. The trend is toward more control over fiber orientation and architecture while increasing productivity.

Even though it has lot of uses still it is not reached among everyone. So be conscious about the fashion and know its new techniques.


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