Why rhinestone jewelry is topping the chart?

 Gone are those days when ladies and young girls preferred gold or traditional jewelry. A new era begins with the introduction of rhinestone jewelry. This rhinestone jewelry is becoming a common trend among celebrities and their fans.

 Rhinestone jewelry is very popular these days because of its various advantages and benefits. You can easily carry and afford these type of jewelry as they are not expensive and it can provide you a new look. A look that will attract people and you can easily impress by matching your jewelry with the costumes. The wide variety of jewelry provides you freedom to select different types at diverse occasions or with different dress. Due to its ability of providing dissimilar styles such as funky, graceful and serene various Bollywood and Hollywood actresses prefer this rhinestone jewelry for matching their different roles in the industry.

flashy rhinestone
flashy rhinestone

How to clean rhinestone jewelry?

When you own rhinestone jewelry you should make sure that the shine and the quality of the jewelry is retained otherwise it may lessen the charm of the jewelry. All the rhinestone jewelry is made up of a base metal or a simple alloy. Always prefer the rhinestone jewelry which uses brass as abase metal as the quality will be good in this case. There is no silver or gold coating. The foil behind the rhinestones is very delicate and hence it should be cleaned with extensive care.

  1. When you are going to clean the rhinestone jewelry make sure that you have all the necessary things that may be used for cleaning. First you have use paper towels as a lay out and then you have to place jewelry on it.
  2. To remove the dirt from the jewelry you have to use a spray can. The spray can is very efficient in removing the dirt which is in between the rhinestones. If dirt is stuck then you can use a toothpick for removing it. Always keep in mind the do not use any metal tool like needle while cleaning as it can cause a scratch.

    rhinestone jewelry
    rhinestone jewelry
  3. Use isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to clean rhinestone jewelry. This rubbing alcohol is best liquid to clean the jewelry as it dries quickly and we all know that excessive moisture may cause harm to the stones of the jewelry. While cleaning you have to make sure that the tarnished stones are replaced as they can not be cleaned. Use a cotton bud to clean the rhinestone jewelry. For better results clean every stone individually and remember that when you dip cotton bud in alcohol you have to extract extra moisture by a paper towel.
  4. If there is open back stones then they should be clean using a mini cotton bud that easily covers the back portion.

Always keep in mind that if your jewelry is clean then only it will sparkle and will draw the attention of people. So cleaning should be done on regular basis.

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