Bring Grace In Your Personality With Silk Fabric

Embrace Your Beauty With Silk Saree Or Suit And Enlighten The Ambiance Around You.Perfect Fabric For Designer Ethnic Wear.

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Silk is a rich and traditional fabric which is very costly among other fabric. Clothes which are made by silk improves our status symbol and add traditional look to our dressing .In India there are  varieties of silk like muga silk, south silk, khadi silk, pure silk, raw silk, kanjiwaram silk, dupion silk, fuji silk,banarsi silk and noil silk and many other ,these are the five main type of silk which are produced in India Muga silk,Tarar silk,Mulberry silk,Eri silk and Oak tasar silk.images

Silk fabric is produce from the cocoon which is a type of insect. This fabric is produce in a vast quantity in Indian city like Karnataka ,Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh ,Hyderabad, and Jammu and Kashmir . The real silk can be recognized through magnifying glass so we will see empty spaces between woven silk thread.Silk is very delicate and it should be handled with care.


It is very thin and heat preventing fabric. There are many variety of silk cloths in India like saree, suits, salwar suits, kanjiwaram  saree, Banarsi saree,  kurta paijama and many more cloths made by silk. today silk wedding dresses are regraded as excellent choice and hence stands on special niche among fashion designers. In winter season also you can drape silk saree and wear other dresses which give us warm and cozy environment. In south India there is cotton mixed silk saree which gives us elegant look out of humid environment .

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Indian women are mostly preferred five or ten silk saree in their wardrobe as it makes them beautiful in appearance infront of others. Silk comes in the market in different range, it starts from thousands and ends with lacks. We generally see South Indian women are always drape silk saree that is called South Indian silk.

Silk is the precious and famous fabric of India, and that is why around the world the demand for ethnic wear of silk fabric is observed by designers. Era of silk fabric is from ancient time, from the period of kings and rulers. Silk fabric is very costly because a cocoon from which the silk fabric is produced is not easily found. Thus, the processing cost counts a lot.

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Silk is the best fabric which is vastly used on special occasions and festivals. Silk cloths add an eminent appearance to the both men and women. At online market today, the chanderi silk and silk blend un-stitched dress materials are available at discounted price. The basic golden print, embroidery on neck and sleeves are common pattern followed by designers on silk material. The handmade work on the silk fabric cloth is very timing consuming because of which it is very costly. The dresses should be dry cleaned only to avoid fabric damage.

The main cities where silk work is found in India are- Kerela, Varanasi, Tamil Nadu, Orrisa, Guwahati, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.In order to buy fashionable silk dresses for wedding purpose, you must check out online shopping stores right now.

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