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Haute Couture is created for the particular customers; there are several haute couture designer houses in all parts of the world. When we considering the top most Haute Couture designers, the below list will provide small link for the ability to know about…..

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GIVENCHY is a French brand of fashion garments, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. The house of Givenchy was originated in the year 1952 by the famous designer Hubert de Givenchy; he is an associate of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture at ready to wear. It is hold by comfort merchandise behemoth LVMH and in the year 1993 Givenchy attained a total auctions value of $176 million, building it the second major clothing partition of LVMH after Christian Dior.

Hubert de Givenchy was born 1927 in Beauvais, France. The same year where the musketeers achieved victory at the Davis Cup…..

Very in the early hours, Givenchy marked a craze for fashion. At the age of 10 years old, he had a trip to the World’s Fair in Paris, France and returns packed with awesome sensation from the exhibition area of stylishness, where 30 models of the most celebrated French couture houses were offered. At that time itself his mind was put to set that he will be a fashion designer.

When France is enlightened from German profession, Hubert de Givenchy shifted to Paris and started to study with Jacques Fath. Givenchy keep on training under the assistance of Robert Piguet, and then develop into Lucien Lelong’s assistant after Christian Dior’s leaving in 1947, the same year where Elsa Schiaparelli assigned Givenchy with the organization of her boutique in Vendome, where he had expend four years.

In 1952 February 2nd, Hubert de Givenchy’s vision appears true….. Givenchy opens his own Maison de Couture on the Monceau Plain. Givenchy’s first presentation is an instant achievement. Bettina Graziani, both model and press manager of the corporation, becomes the trademark representation. Givenchy created a famous “Bettina blouse” for her specially.

Turning point for Givenchy was the year 1953. Certainly, the youthful designer congregated with Audrey Hepburn, the personification of his perfect of womanliness. Here started a 40-year lengthy companionship, for the period of which the artist will turn out to be the brand’s representative. Movies starring Hepburn such as “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, “Funny Face” or “Sabrina” convey Givenchy’s picture of sophisticated stylishness more or less around the world.

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