What is Rayon Embroidery Thread?

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 Rayon embroidery thread is the most common types of thread used mainly for embroidery machines. There are various advantages of using this type of threads.

Rayon embroidery threads are most widely used for embroidery as it tends to perform quite well in high-speed machines without any fray or breaking. A high sheen in fond of in these threads and hence, they serve as a good alternative to silks. Rayon embroidery threads are widely available in a variety of colors and this color varies as per manufacturer.

rayon embroidery thread

rayon embroidery thread

Rayon embroidery threads are also widely available in a variety of weight classes, however, the most famous weight classes includes 40 and 30 weights. Rayon embroidery threads of 20-30 weights are ideal for decorative stitches.  The 40 weight is good for quilting and for piecing, applique work and bobbin use 50 weight is recommended. While working with rayon embroidery thread, it is very important for the crafters to fetch out what exactly works for them rather than just to follow up the set standards. Detailed information on the weight and use of various rayon embroidery threads are available on the internet and various offline fabric centers as well.

Particulars about weight and ply of the rayon embroidery threads are available at end of thread spools. These numbers are expressed as weight/ply. Most spools of this rayon embroidery thread have a specified label on the one end containing all the essential information. It includes the name of manufacturer, color code, weight/ply ratio, its fiber content and also specified as whether the rayon embroidery threads are mercerized or not. Mercerization is actually a treatment which involves sodium hydroxide that in turn increases the luster of rayon embroidery thread and its capacity to absorb dye. Its higher numbers indicate that the threads are fine and ply numbers indicate how many strands are mixed together.


The Rayon embroidery thread is commercially available in a variety of colors. Stitches or embroidery using rayon is very smooth and consistent as well. This lends to a high quality textiles. In cold regions with much low humidity, rayon embroidery threads must be stored in a refrigerated environment or the thread can also be stored in a closed cool case and dry place. This helps to extend the life of rayon embroidery thread. Exposure to excessive moistness, sunlight and heat can quicken the deterioration process. Hence, try to place it in a safe and cold place.

rayon fabric dress

rayon fabric dress

These threads are most widely used for the embroidery work of textiles. Rayon fabrics are soft, smooth and comfortable and mostly used in hot and humid climates. Designing and crafting attained by rayon embroidery threads are literally second to none. The most important thing about these threads is, they are best alternative to silk and easily available with your low pocket budget. So just find a good place to buy it. All you need is just click some few pages and there are so many agencies available online and offline where you get genuine rayon embroidery thread.

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