Emphasis in dress creates a focal point in a design; it is how we bring attention to what is most important. Emphasis is what catches the eye and makes the viewer stop and look at the image. Without emphasis, without getting the viewer to look at the image, communication cannot occur.

Emphasis can be created by contrast. An element in contrast with something else is more easily seen and understood; something different attracts the eye.


Any of the elements can be contrasted in emphasis in dress

  • Line (a curve in the mid of straight lines)
  • Shape (a circle in a field of squares)
  • Color (one red dot on a background of grays and blacks)
  • Value (a light or dark area in the middle of its opposite) and
  • Texture (rough vs smooth).
  • Contrast can also be created by contrasting orientation in space (horizontal,   vertical, diagonal)
  • style (a geometric shape in an otherwise naturalistic image)
  • It refers to something that stand out and grab our attention.

EMPHASIS is also called as highlighting of specific area to make viewers to get the special attention of that area.

For example :  if you think that your hand is beautiful  you can emphasis it by wearing contrast color for sleeve or cut inside the sleeve which represents the special  design..

There are also other ways to represent emphasis
addition of embellishment, cut-outs, ruffles and so on. Use of color and its placement is another way to create emphasis, making some areas stand out more than others.


Wedding  gowns, also create emphasis, highlighting a particular area. Knowing about emphasis, which can be part of the design itself or emphasis on the body because of the way a garment is designed can help any woman when she is selecting a garment or fashion accessory.

During the special occasion when wearing the dress the emphasis must be there to give satisfaction of wearing ..

Know about the value of emphasis in the dress before choosing and rock in this fashion trend…

Try different dresses with emphasis in different areas like neck, hip, slit open, sleeve etc….  Be the trend setter and know about this aspect of design…

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