Beat the Heat this Summer – With Linen!

With temperatures soaring, catch a break this summer with the resurrection of the Linen fabric. Known for its extremely complicated yarn weaving, Linen is a fabric that requires a cumbersome process to create, which is why it was termed as a garment for the Royalty during the Egyptian times.


Today people are finally realizing the worth of this fabric as designers are using Linen in many modern ways. This quintessential Eco-friendly fabric- Linen is made from vegetable by-products and is highly appreciated for its light, airy feel. More popular amongst me, Linen is finally finding its place in women’s wardrobe too this summer.

Best ways to incorporate Linen in your wardrobe

Here is how you can create an effortlessly fashionable look while feeling comfortably light and cool:-

1. Summer being the month of barbeques and beach parties, project a cool and graceful image with a pair of Linen drawstring pants. This fabric best suited for sweltering heat, Linen helps you stay comfortable while you lounge around on the beach all day long. Linen goes well with flip flops and can be teamed with cool vibrant colors as well to project the perfect beach look this summer.

2. For men to look cool and  happening this summer, a Linen jacket in pastel colors paired with a light shirt and Linen pants can be the best way to beat the heat and look fashionable as well. Perfect for  summer wedding and office, this look can be incorporated in everyday life with a number of options available in color and cut.

3. When incorporating Linen garments in your wardrobe keep in mind to select pieces which are light in weight as heavy embroidery and bead-work, though beautiful will weigh the fabric down and defeat the purpose.

4. Linen is also being in vintage clothing because of its old-world quality. Associated with the royals since eons, Linen is the perfect fabric to salvage vintage pieces of clothing. Since vintage is a classic trend mixing it with Linen will make it a perfect combination this summer.

5. Linen shift dresses and dressy pants teamed with chiffon blouses add just the right touch of glamour for your evening’s out.

Linen is used in so many ways these days that adorning a fresh and breezy look this summer will be a cakewalk. Gone are the days when summer meant wearing white flowy skirts or shorts with small tees to beat the heat. Now, you can explore your fashionable side with a variety of looks that incorporate this mystic fabric. From Bohemian kaftaans with light embroidery to a myriad variety of colors in Linen dress, pants and jackets, this fabric has changed the way people look at summers and made it a trending fashion this season.

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