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Nadia Flower’s elements for amazing illustration are flimsy, delicate, so far graphic, realistic and tough. Nadia’s works are mostly the blend of both hand-drawing and computer-based paintings which was from excellent fine art painting to fashion and costumes, also neat illustration for the perspective and advertise markets. Nadia studied a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts majoring in design. Later she went to London to pursue her dream Fashion Designer. From then she started doing illustrations. And she most probably liked to work with Fashion Industry only.

Best Fashion Illustrations of Nadia Flower

                           Nadia based in New Zealand has created several projects for her clients around the world, and also participated in crowd exhibitions and magazine publications in Tokyo, U.S and Australia.

Also, Nadia’s patrons list includes,

  • Fornarina (IT)
  • Nylon magazine
  • Lily Allen BBC
  • Glamour magazine (UK, Gemany)
  • Diet coke, Coca Cola, GHD hair straighteners
  • ASOS.COM (UK), Lily Allen / BBC (UK),
  • Yen magazine (Aus)
  • Graniph (Japan)
  • Ajax France, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, MVV-Secura,
  • Emerica (US)
Nadia’s publishing’s or magazines contains the following,

Vogue China, Nylon, Marie Claire [UK], Elle, Glamour, Ellegirl [UK], Yen, Instyle, Women and Home, Mindfoods, Amica, Rouge, Focuss Germany, Spirit and Destiny, Waitrose, Onholiday, Dare, Hot, Midwives, Zest, Soho house, Daily Telegraph, Easy Living, Asda, Wellfit, Verve, Notebook, Little black dress books, QI Annual, Chicken house, Piatkus Books.

Nadia Flower Fashion Illustrator – the attractiveness of her illustrations is mostly prepared by her inspirations. Nadia’s October 2011 collections are 70’s inspired part which mainly explains the fashion and prettiness of the period and the costumes that was in market at that time [Oct ’2011].,

Nadia Flower is the inventor of lively widen for Nylon Magazine. Jewellery designer Zoe and Morgan very well follower of the excellent line work of Nadia Flower.

Nadia created her delicate graphical illustration for Bourjois’s advertising campaign 2010. Those designs were commissioned by surprise agency Talents Only in Paris, France. Elegant illustration made by her was found in magazines of 2010 and also displayed for sales in some shops. Her design for Bourjois’s advertise was really appreciated.

Nadia loves all things of Japanese and provides her creative marvelous knowledge to online retailer ASOS. Nadia Flower performed some good-looking illustrations which were created for the 2011 RCM Midwifery Awards. Those illustrations helped to launch their website; also she has created some gorgeous styles which have featured within the issue of Midwives magazine 2010.

Nadia worked hand-drawn fabric for summer 2010/2011 collection overseas. She did some shoe designs which was sold at that period in Top Shop, River Island, and on Nicole Richard would be the Nadia’s top ‘best dressed’ list. Nadia’s fashion tip for fashion followers:

“If you try something on and you are not sure, don’t buy it, you will never end up wearing it.”

Nadia’s style of work is vector based and water color mixed, which can add additional value of attractiveness for the followers. Nadia’s Portfolio Pictures are completely Line, Graphic, attractive, Animals, mode, Cosmetics, Landscape, and Romanticism. Her illustrations are very smooth and sharp.

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