Shannon Toth’s Clients and Inspirations

Shannon Toth’s Clients and Inspirations are mostly about the Lovely Romantic attraction of 1920’s..

Shannon Toth is an honor captivating performer of art and children’s book illustrator. Shannon has been awarded many times for her ink illustrations. Shannon has displayed her several illustration works and painted works in Canada and USA. Great Innovative Fashion Illustrator

Shannon Toth was born at Ontario, Canada. Shannon went to Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada where she receives Illustration for four years. Her studio is in front of her house where it has a good full-size casement that present her extraordinary natural light all day. Shannon performs the majority of her work on a massive desk with comfortable color palette drawers.

Shannon’s list contains the following patrons:

Fashion Weekly Beijing, Drawing Dreams Foundation, Taiwan DPI Magazine, Ocean Media Group, Ryerson University, READ magazine, Joseph Brant Hospital.

Shannon’s Inspiration –

Shannon’s huge inspiration is from music, 1920’s fashion, and very old cinemas. She drew her sketches inspired from the dreamy romantic attraction of 1920’s Cinema & the Circus shows. Because, she wondered that there is a lovely romantic charm about that era. Shannon’s Illustration hero is Edward Gorey, she loves Edward’s work from her childhood…..

Shannon’s Ideas captured from a suggestion of inspiration from just about something, if that particular thing might make her thinking of an idea. Once she got any idea, she will think about that idea into a visual image for a long time before starting works and then finally she make her mind ready to paint.

Shannon’s wonderful image:

Sueno and Chica, has been contributed to raise money for buying art provisions for children in hospital, it has been auctioned in New York on December 2011 for the Design Dreams Foundation. On November 2011, she entered a contest regarding a work of art inspired Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”.

Shannon Toth’s self-published children’s novel “Creatures of the Night” has succeeded the Complete Book reward from Functional Arts. Shannon’s paintings are delightfully exciting, and the bed bugs pretty awesome! Shanon Toth’s publications were well refined among all other illustrators where she says about the romanticism attractively.

Shannon’s record:

The very first record that she bought was White Zombie, La Sexorcisto. Shannon’s favorite and the biggest project was her children’s book “Creatures of the Night”. Shannon’s Chloe Love painting is at present featured in Fashion Weekly Beijing.

Also a story of that displayed in Beijing with her artwork sketches from the advertisement as well as extra artist’s illustrations took place in the Aroma Exhibit project.

She freshly made her first oil painting named, “Mascarilla”, then Shannon worked on a new girly oil painting. She did art by using some wood, at first time she painted on a wood surface and that varied texture makes really great impression among fashion liker.…

Shannon prefers that Fangoria is always an excellent awful magazine. Shannon’s Art equipment tools are: Staedtler graphite pencils, Pentel fine black pen, and major art could do with FW Acrylic Artists Ink.

Shannon’s favorite quote,

                 “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein. 

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