Application of AutoCAD

All designing or model work was done manually, before CAD was invented. This causes many problems like time consuming, dreary and also results in costly errors. With software such as AutoCAD, the whole process gets digitized and consequently simplified.

The size and kind of industry decides the usage of CAD software. In some industry either only designing work is carried out while in some others, other works like manufacturing the design is also carried out. And also in almost any industry which is creating a product or offering a service, both general process and industry-specific designs are heavily used.

There are several CAD tools available for use. Among these tools there are some tools which are generally used and it finds application in a wide variety of industry, whereas other tools find its application deals with specific task. Manual drafting processes are very chaotic for most companies.            So they use an AutoCAD package which enhances the overall productivity infinitely.

Engineers use 3D models and AutoCAD sample drawings extensively. They use the above to create parametric models of assemblies and parts. Such models and drawings helps them to find out any design flaws as early on, in the designing process and allows them to resolve the errors.

Various types of recreation process are carried out by using 3D models. It is done before beginning with the creation of prototypes. To create how the parts will operate in the given loading conditions, Engineers can execute finite element analysis. This allows the engineers to optimize the parts used in the process to cut costs by making sure that the parts don’t get over engineered.

Some of the most common application of AutoCAD sample drawings and models can be found in the following industries.


        Satellites, space vehicles, missiles, and aircrafts are produced in the aerospace industry. Auto CAD sample drawings play an important role in the first step of the design process, because any one these process costs millions of dollars. The details are thoroughly planned with the AutoCAD software before starting work on the final product.


Complex designs and software are required in all aspects of automotive designing. CAD is used to build prototypes and design of components like upholstery, circuitry boards, engines, tires, and so on.


Before beginning with the definite construction project, buildings have to be planned perfectly.2D and 3D plans are designed using CAD. Schematics of offices, houses, and various other commercial buildings are designed as well using CAD. Accurate specifications like weights, volumes, and measurements are found using AutoCAD sample drawings.

Civil engineering:

Metropolitan planners use CAD software to plan infrastructure projects such as

Bridges, office complexes, industrial units, and so on.


 CAD software is used by landscapers to conceptualize great outdoor settings, and find the proper placement of components like fences, gardens, trees, patios, and other similar things.

 Interior designing:

Detailed and accurate digital designs are made by designers using CAD software. They are then used by the designers to demonstrate their product to clients with detailed drawings.

The above described details are only few uses of CAD software. Other than these, it is also used for designing circuit boards, furniture, electronics, jewelry, packaging, and more. The extensive applications of CAD software and AutoCAD sample drawings ensure its inevitability and durability in today’s world.



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