The avant garde are people who are innovative and trend setter.. They are the one who are experimenting something which is new. Will able to make people to follow them..

Looking different, thinking different and acting different is the special character of them…

new look

They do not bother about what other thinks .They are aware about how to do something different which make them to get the special attention of others. They are the innovative one who make changes in history.. It can be shown by hair style, make up, fashion, dresses, art.

When it comes to the most famous avant-garde artists, then their fashion senses have often been bold and individual in of themselves, but there is also a movement of actually creating fashion that is avant-garde, and with clothes being so important in terms of expressing individuality, it is perfectly natural that designers will want to try and develop and experiment with fashion. Some people may see the clothing as being vastly different to the normal, and finding that avant-garde doesn’t make it into the mainstream is not unusual at all, as the clothing is not designed to do so.

The reality about avant-garde fashion is that it really isn’t designed to be used on a day to day basis at all, but that it is really all about showing what can be done and how things can be done differently in terms of clothing.

It is very much about looking distinctive, and it will often utilize materials that aren’t actually typical for clothing when creating their wearable artworks, and although it may not be the case that it is something that will be worn time and again, it is clothing that works for a specific purpose.

“Avant- Garde fashion can be described as fashion that is not the norm or of normal essence. It may be regarded as something that has a very artistic movement, something deemed innovative, not being anything considered traditional in nature. In fashion, avant-garde styles tend to have their own individual personality. Most designers that use this style describe the pieces to be sophisticated..

avant garde

Application of new terms and technique is considered as the latest definition for avant garde.

Not alone interms of fashion in other fields also this word suits where the innovation exist. When it comes to the fashion, the avant-garde style is merely defining its personality. A lot of designers have been merely asked to define such style and they have added some good terms to define it. Striking, mysterious, intimidating, sophisticated, to name a few. The accessories have to be modern, elegant, yet unusual. All of the clothes must be matched with belts, hats or shoes in most of the unusual shapes.

look different

Are you wondering of how this type of look is possible?  It’s possible If we think different and in new manner..

Try these look and be a trend setter.

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