Materials for doing Sketching

Materials for doing Sketching, painting and drawing are,

Shading techniques

Charcoal Sticks for Sketching:

Charcoal sticks are most frequently used material for being drawing, but could simply provide themselves for the purpose of drawing monotone fashion illustrations. Charcoal sticks are outstanding for adding up shadow effects, intensity, movement and surface texture to the fashion illustration…..

Pastels used for Drawing:

Pastels are regarded as medium for both drawing and painting. As an opaque standard, pastels effort best on colored backdrops that bring together the artwork, or on textured surfaces such as heavy water color paper.

Some other general mediums used for painting and drawing are as follows:

Ink: Black water-resistant Indian ink is the first preference of the majority illustrators as washes can be applied over a glossy line drawing. Inks are presented in a large collection of colors. Not only black color is preferable. So the additional you testing with the colors, the new miscellaneous special effects can be created for perfect illustrations.

Paint: Watercolor is frequently the most admired selection in illustration. Watercolor is the wonderful medium for giving delicate color to pencil fashion illustrations. Gouache is a type of watercolor medium which has been mixed with white color to make it opaque.

Boards: Boards are the base material for drawing illustrations. There are many varieties of boards in its size and texture… Thick boards will take charcoal, crayon and watercolors.
Apart from the special equipments listed above, there are some softwares used for sketching and designing. They are as follows:

1. Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe Illustrator

3. Corel Draw

4. Corel Painter

5. Alias Sketch Pro

6. Art Rage

Another very important feature to be considered while sketching are shading, here we can see some necessities for shading techniques:

Shading Techniques

The shading techniques are accomplished by means of different types of pencils. The shading could be made with the side of the lead or the tip portion of the lead.

For shading a sketch with the side part of the lead, the pencil must be held with overhand grip. Before you started to give shading appearance to any object, the pencil must be holding by overhand grip and complete the paper with side of the lead. Practice a number of times so that holding the pencil in such way will be very comfortable and can be able to working with the same.

Phases in shading are as follows:

Hold the pencil with overhand grip and move the pencil in back and forth motion.

Need to give light pressure, make short back and forth motions with the pencil.

Make the crisscross marks in the same direction with varying length.

If in need of any dark area, we have to move the pencil over the same area several times until the required darkness is attained. Never use pressure on the pencil to create darker shades.

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