Charles Frederick Worth’s, the founder of “Haute Couture”

Haute Couture is a French word for “rich tapestry” or “rich costume making” or “high fashion”, describes about the conception of making fashionable perfect traditional clothing in a particular way.

Haute couture is ready to arrange for a particular client….. and it is typically finished from rich features, good quality, luxurious fabrics and stitched with excessive concentration to the point and ended by the very skilled technical persons. Also by talented tailors, habitually looking time-consuming, etc.,

World's first costume designer

Haute” means well-designed, richness, valuable or high. An haute couture costumes are made purposely for the client’s [who is an end user of the particular style] perfect fitness of the body structure.

Couture” means tailoring or can be said as dressmaking, sewing, or needlecraft; it is also used as a common word of haute couture and mentions the same meaning but with courage.

All the way, Haute Couture is formerly introduced by the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth’s….. Charles invented Haute Couture in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century. In contemporary France, haute couture is a “confined mark or name” that be capable of called only by firms that gather certain summarized principles.

On the other hand, the term “Haute Couture” is also used freely to explain all highly fashioned custom-fitted garments, whether it is created in Paris or in extra fashion centers such as Milan, London, New York and Tokyo.

Haute Couture refers to,

the fashion addresses or fashion designers that construct exclusive and expensive trendy fashions
• the fashion style produced
• Design especially made for individual customers, with perfect furnishings.

Each season (i.e., twice a year – Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter), great presentation will be carried out for the extraordinary collections of the trend, including at least thirty-five sprint with outfits for the daytime wearers and evening wearers.

Even though all the haute couture houses also promote ready-to-wear collections, which is in generally distributes a higher re-come on investment than their tradition costumes. Few Haute Couture houses, such as Italian designer Roberto Capucci, the entire of who have their workshops in Italy, are no longer measured haute couture.

A number of top designer fashion houses such as Chanel, use the name “Haute Couture” for a few of their particular collection of works. These collections are frequently not for selling purpose, also those are very difficult to buy. Occasionally, “haute couture” is improperly used to tag non-dressmaking actions, such as fine art, music and more things.

The 1960s characterized a revolution next to recognized fashion principles by mods, rockers, and hippies, as well as a growing internationalization of the fashion outlook. Rich women no longer believe that a Paris dress was essentially better than one sewn elsewhere.

But nowadays the number of Haute Couture houses decreased down. Over 20th century it was reduced from 106 in 1946, then 18 numbers only in the year 2000, then in the year 2004 there were only 9 top exclusive haute houses….. They are: Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Mori, Sirop, Scherrer, Gaultier and Torrente. This listing has been considerably changed nowadays again.

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