What is Lyocel? Lyocel Fabric properties

Lyocel Lyocel is a type of fabric mainly familiar and enhanced by its product name Tencel.

Drapery Fabric

Lyocel fabric has a soft finish, luxurious look. This type of fabric is produced from cellulose and wood pulp. Cellulose is a vegetable stuff. Wood pulp may be a combination of heavy wood trees like birch, oak.., While Lyocel is made from eucalyptus trees. Because of the reason that Lyocel fabrics are made from wood pulp since it has been consider to be an natural fabric in some cases. Lyocel has good durability and strength in addition to its eco-friendly industrialized procedures. In the mid of 19th century, the very first fabric made with wood pulp material. But they were not commonly accepted or very gainful worldwide. The most technique of making rayon from wood cellulose was popular at the end of 19th century…..

Rayon developed as one of the first manmade fibers. Rayon acts as a substitute for silk material and afterwards it is a motivation to produce Lyocel. Success of rayon production mainly in the later 20th century created attention in manufacturing other products from wood pulp. Lyocel is made by chipping wood [break off wood]. By breaking down the wood fibers with the non-toxic chemical substance amine oxide and then introducing the stuff in a spinneret. The spinneret generates long fibers….. Those fibers are then dried out and make it into cloth by means of weaving process. Since the Lyocel fabric has a very good durable capacity, it has been used for some items like conveyor belts, special bandages in the medical field. But the manufacturing method for Lyocel is very expensive than cotton or rayon fabrics, although sometimes according to the market value prices may get drop. In apparel Industry, Lyocel can be used for number of styles and finishes.

Some Lyocel fabrics have denim like look whereas some other varieties have the approximate look of suede, typically called as moleskin or peach skin. Lyocel can also be produced to appear like wool, cotton, rayon or polyester/silk combinations. Garments made of Lyocel are more expensive than other fabrics such as rayon. Apparel garments made from Lyocel fabrics have perfect drape-ability like viscose fabric. Mostly Sweden countries prefer for Lyocel fabrics with Paisley tradition print applications. According to the expense, Lyocel has many good properties which make the user to feel worth it. Lyocel fabric is tremendously durable and is perfect for vacationing.

The main property is, Lyocel have a propensity not to wrinkle and many forms of it are easy care and can be machine-washed. Lyocel stretches out, get twisted and loses it shape with 5 percent spandex blend. Lyocel is attractive but gets a slack stretched out appearance and feel. Very rarely, Lyocel has a shrinkage property when washed in hand with cold water. So, some people are hesitated in manufacturing Lyocel Fabrics.

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