Burkha Fabric, Abaya Fabric, Naquab Fabric, Satin Fabric

Burkha Fabric

A Burkha fabric is pervasive outer garment worn by Ladies in some Islamic ethnicity for the reason of hiding a female’s body when they are moving out to public places from home.

Fabric varities

Burkha fabrics are worn above the common usual dresses (frequently long dresses or some shalwar kameez costumes) and detached when the lady return back to the sanctuary of the home circle, out of the sight of men that are not their relations like husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, sons and grandsons.

Burkha fabric is habitually known to be the woman’s loose-fitting body-covering as well as the head-covering and the face-mask. The face-mask segment is generally a rectangular bit of semi-transparent material whose top area is sewn to equivalent portion of the head-scarf, so that the cover fall down freely from the scarf and it can be moved upwards if the woman wishes to disclose her face, or else the entire face would be covered by that material.

Another type of face-cover part can be a side-attached material which can be wrapped around the face below the eyes’ region.

As burkha is usually worn for several hours at a time, it is essential that the wearer should not suffer uncomfortable. Burkha should be of a kind of material which can take up perspiration and permit free movement of air.

Pure artificial fabrics would be inappropriate, because many people are sensitive to them.
For those ladies who require moving out of their homes often but need to wear burkha continuously, the piece of clothing should have a first-class appearance in addition to further qualities.

Abaya Fabric

Abaya fabric is one of the most expansively used materials in the Arabic Garment Industry.Abaya fabric is used for producing comfort and wrinkle-free Burkhas, Abayas and Kaftans.

Form: Solid Dyed/Printed

Uses: Burkhas, Abayas, Kaftans, Etc.

Naquab Fabric

Naquab fabric material is also the most widely used fabrics in the Arabic Garment Industry, for making comfort and wrinkle-free Naquabs.

Form: Solid Dyed/Printed

Uses: Naquab, Burkha, Etc.

Satin Fabric

Particularly for women, satin fabric is used in variety of apparels like blouse, panties and gowns. Satin fabric is also used for bed sheets, curtains and many other decorative purposes.

Some types of satin fabrics are:

Polyester satin

Lycra satin

Nylon satin

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