Properties of cotton fibre can be divided into two parts, one is according to physical structure and another is chemical properties.
Physical Properties:-

cotton fibre Physical Properties

Chemical Properties:-
  • Action Of Heat :

With stand temperature upto 150°C prolong heating beyond 230°C may scorch and burn.

  • Action Of Mineral acids (H₂SO₄, HCl)

            Dilute acids will not affect the cotton. Conc. acid may form hydrocellulose and breakage in the long cellulose chain molecule which causes tendering of cotton. The effect of tendering depends on pH and temp of treatment.

  • Action Of Organic Acids : (Acetic,Formic acids)

                        Dilute acids will not affect the cotton.If not washed away properly may damage   cotton.

  • Action Of  Alkalies : (NaOH₂,Na₂CO₃)

            Even conc. Alkalies will not damage cotton at higher temp and pressure,provide the air is absent during treatment.

            If air is present, the oxygen along with cellulose forms oxy cellulose which will damage the cotton.

  • Action of  Bleaching Agent :

            Hydrogen peroxide will not damage. Chlorine bleaching if used,it should be thoroughly washed after bleaching, Otherwise tendering of cotton may happen because of formation of Hydrochloric acid.

According to Using Process :


Cotton fiber has large amorphous portion and this is why the air can be in and out through cotton fiber. So, the fabric made by cotton fiber is quite comfortable to use.

Soft Hand: 

            Cotton fiber is too much regular fiber and if properly ginned; this fibre can be the best soft hand feeling fibre amongst the others.


Cotton fiber has high absorbency power and this is why this fiber can be died properly and without any harassment.
Good Color Retention: 

If the printing is applied on cotton fiber, it seems it doesn’t spread the color outside the design. So printing efficiency is good on cotton fibre.

Machine Washable & Dry Cleanable: 

It is seen that some fibers can’t be dried or washed due to it’s sensitivity and weak fastness properties but in case of Cotton fiber you will have large number of options to choose. You can easily wash the cotton made fabric by machines and even you will be able to dry this fiber by using electronic drier.

Good Strength: 

If you want to seek an average strength which might be enough for you; then cotton fiber can be your ultimate choice. The strength of cotton fiber is quite good.
Cotton Fibre Drapes Well: 

The drape-ability of cotton fibre is awesome. You can use the cotton fibre made fabric in any kind of wear which needs more flexibility and drapes.

Sewing & Handling Is Easy: 

The sewing efficiency on Cotton made fabric is easier and comfortable than other fiber. This is why the demand of cotton made fabric is higher in all over the world.

Dye Stuff Used :

            Cotton can be dyed with direct dyes,reactive dyes,Vat,Sulphur dyes,etc.

Uses of Cotton:

            Cotton has versatile application.Used for apparel fabrics for men’s and women’s summer wear. It is used for dressing materials. It is also used in othe field like medical,household fabrics like bed sheets,towels,carpets. It is used in industrial application as tyre cords,in bags,shoes,etc.

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