Visual Perception for Design

Visual Perception for Design – Being a designer we should be more conscious about the perception what we perceive from our surroundings.

When any one lands on your begins to look you hope your message is communicating clearly and making understood. On the surface this may seem like a simple one way transmission of ideas from your design to the viewer’s eye. The reality is more complex.

Visual perception is the result of complex interactions between external visual stimulus and prior knowledge, goals, and expectations. Understanding how we all perceive things visually that is help to us communicate better.

Visual Perception for Design

Visual Processing

Perception is the process of obtaining awareness and understanding of sensory data. We take in something visually and then do the process what we see in order to derive some meaning from it.

Our brains need to find meaningful patterns in our visual environment in order to make decisions about what to create and how to respond effectively.

Most important things which we remain when perceive quickly during visualisation

  • motion
  • contour of shapes
  • color
  • contrast

Before designing we need to ask ourselves what we are trying to communicate what is the informational purpose of a graphic or a design.

With the answer we can strategically organize graphics and design for the most appropriate mental process/buyer. For enhancing value of design need to attention to objects using things like contrast, scale, and dominance.

If we want to make things clear. We should connect design to possible schemas and mental modes. Create clean and organized graphics that are easy to interpret. So we can make impact easily on another’s.

We should think about overall design and also individual design elements and should think about what their purpose is.

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