What is Fashion Life Cycle?

What is Fashion Life Cycle?

Like any other product, Fashion also has its fashion life cycle. Fashions are temporary cyclical phenomena adopted by consumers for a particular time and situation.

Therefore, Fashion life cycle is a life spam of a particular fashion during which the fashion exists i.e., particular look, shape or type of apparel item. Every fashionflows in five stages during its life cycle and these stages are Introduction stage, Rise, Peak/ Saturation, Decline and Out-of-fashion stage.

fashion life cycle

During Introduction stage, the fashion or trend is introduced by a designer or outlet to an exclusive audience.In the rise stage of fashion life cycle, the fashion is made familiar to the fashion shows, TV commercials, magazines and advertisements but the product is available only in specific brands or at specific outlets.

During Peak/ Saturation stage, the fashion is made common to public and is available at common outlets. This stage defines how long a fashion or trend will stay in the markets. The stage can be of one year or to even ten years for some products. There is no such set pattern for this stage, it depend upon the length of the peak of the fashion upto which it reaches.

In the decline stage, it becomes common in the mass market. In this period, the fashion is offered at discounted rates in retail stores. Lastly, in out-of-fashion stage, the fashion becomes outdated and it is hardly available at any store.

During these stages of fashion life cycle, the price of the fashion product also changes. Especially, a major increase in the price wil be observed during rise stage then slowly the price will come back to its original value and during the decline period, its price will start decreasing and later on, it will have 50-70%  discount during the out-of-fashion stage.

Any apperance,shape or style which ends in its introductory stage only that is known as FADS , similarly if that style or loook remains till its peak or saturation stage then that is known as Fashion and if that style or look keeps on going further and gets popularity still that time then it becomes a trend.

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