Fashion clothing of Ancient Roman

Fashion clothing of Ancient Roman: Most Roman clothing was produced from wool material which was spun and woven physically without machine at home or also in a workshop.

A Roman woman dressed in stola (a type of dress) and palla (shawl). The Romans used hand-mirrors made from highly-polished

Ancient Roman

In towns and cities, Romans took their woolen fabric materials to the fuller’s workshop to be cleaned and treated before it was making into clothes.

The cloth was beaten, stretched, and bleached. Fullers also cleaned and mended clothes for the richer people. Occasionally the Romans had clothes made from linen materials which came from Egypt. The wealthiest wore clothes made of cotton from India and silk from China.

Togas and Tunics

The basic garment for men was a simple, belted tunic made from two rectangles of wool fabric stitched together. Tunics were usually made of unbleached wool and it will reach upto the knees. Under their tunics men wore a loincloth made from a strip of wool or linen. They also had a simple cloak, which could be wrapped around them or fastened with a brooch at the neck.

Essential men wore a toga over their tunic. This was a very long strip of woolen cloth, wrapped around the body and draped over one shoulder. However, the toga was very heavy and awkward to wear, so it was only worn for special occasions.

Togas were usually plain white, but those worn by senators had a broad purple border. Until they were sixteen, boys from wealthy families wore a white toga with a narrow purple border.

Accessories of Roman Men

Roman men and women wore a lot of rings. Rich level people had rings made from gold and silver and set with precious stones such as emeralds, pearls, or amber. Lower level wealthy people wore rings made from bronze. Often a ring held a gemstone engraved with a pattern that could be used as a seal.

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