Tamilian wedding customs : Tamil people s are particular about their customs… They believe in their tradition and strictly follow the same. For marriage ceremony distance relatives and friends are invited and held on large scale.

In case that the marriage is arranged parents of potential bride and groom meet to exchange horoscopes. The horoscope is usually analyzed by the family priest.

Pre wedding rituals: Tamilian wedding customs

Before the marriage date fixed the bride and groom family exchange eating food by visiting their home.

Before marriage the bride is not allowed to visit groom home. The rituals are followed by their family members

Engagement:tamilians wedding customs

According to Hindus the engagement is done few months before marriage. This ceremony is formal announcement of marriage and start of planning of big life. The bride groom father requests them to start sharing their life thereafter.

Ganesha pooja and navagraha pooja are done during this ceremony.

After that bride and groom exchange their rings completing the ritual.

Marriage rituals:

wedding ceremony

Welcoming groom

Welcoming bride

Mutual agreement of leading their life together in all situations

Then the exchange of garlands takes place between the bride and the groom.

This is followed by the Oonjal ritual, wherein the couple is seated on a swing and given milk and banana to eat.

Rice balls are used to prevent them from evil eye. This is followed by Kanyadaanam, in which the bride’s father gives away his daughter to the groom.

Muhurtum ritual takes place wherein the groom ties mangalsutra and puts vermillion to the bride. Subsequently, they take seven rounds and seven vows around the sacred fire.

Marriage costumes

Bride wears rich silk saree and dozens of gold jewels.

Groom wears traditional dhoti and silk shirt

wedding costume

Post wedding rituals:

Bride groom family exchange gift with each other celebrating the function

After all ceremony bride moves to groom home leaving her home.

Groom family will welcome new bride with aarti.

Following these evening there will be reception party where all relatives and friends are invited to enjoy and bless the newly married couples

Interesting facts:

Though a lot of Gold jewelry is bought, interestingly each piece of jewelry is normally very traditional and interesting. The bride is never filled with gold in this wedding ceremony against popular beliefs.

The gifts given by the bride’s father include furniture, car/bike etc. This custom has died with modernization though there are some who still follow it.

Thus these are customs followed widely. Based on the region it may get varied.

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