Fashion Roman Artist Outfits

Fashion Roman Artist Outfits

Roman Actors Throughout the Roman Empire, companies of actors achieved shows to entertain the people. These roles were typically serious tragedies about heroes and gods, or knock-about comedies about ordinary people.

All the components were taken by men and the actors wore characteristic clothing and mask to assist the viewers identify with the characters in the show. Roman performance had its beginning in the shows of the ancient Greeks and Greek and Roman actors wore very similar set of clothes and masks.

Ancient Roman

Costumes Roman shows were generally performed in massive, outdoor theaters; with rows of seats assemble in an elevated circle just about a central stage. Because of the vast size of these theaters, the actors had to be easily noticeable.

They wore embellished masks and hefty wigs and most of the actors added additional padding under their costumes to give themselves more bulk. The actors playing women used special padding to give them a more female shape.

Costumes were fairly simple and usually consisted of a tunic and cloak, which were short for men and long for those playing women.

The colors of an actor’s clothes helped to identify his role in the drama, so tragic characters wore dark robes, while happy characters had brightly colored costumes.

As well as the individual actors, most plays featured a chorus— a group of actors who all spoke at once. Members of the chorus also wore costumes and sometimes even dressed as animals or birds.

Actors’ Shoes

Ancient Greek and Roman actors sometimes wore special shoes to make them seem taller. These shoes were made from wood and had thick soles and a high heel. The shoes had no left or right and looked the same from both sides.

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