Rings, Cuffs and Harnesses… An Ode To Ornaments!!

This Summer Give your hands a royal treat with a little bling bling!! Cuffs, Rings, Hand Harnesses, the trend is taking over the Fashion World.


Girls and women of all ages have always been blindsided by bling. Costume, artificial, real, anything that comes in the category of jewelry is an object of temptation for the Y chromosome. Off-late, the fashion streets have been buzzing about the ear cuffs and boy did we stock up on them. If you thought that you have enough ornaments in your booty then we’re here to make you re-think. This summer, its time to go to the ultimate accessory heaven as we introduce you to the newest trend on the fashion market- midi rings and hand harness.


Here are a few fashion favorites this summer to help you perk up your style and create a style statement:-


# Trend 1: – The Midi Ring: –

Another reason to hit the SPA for a manicure this summer is the advent of the midi ring. available in an array of different styles and tones, these rings sit prettily between the upper and middle knuckle. Drawing attention to your latest nail color, this trend allows you to wear multiple rings on a single hand without looking overcrowded. Adding to the Boho chic look, these rings will make your expensive manicure the talk of the party.


# Trend 2: – Talon Rings: –

Bored of nail wraps, stick on nail art or just do not have the time for a manicure? Try these Talon rings. Known more for their punk style, this look is not for the petite, tea party kind of girl. If you want to add a little punk and pizzazz then a Talon ring is the ultimate style statement for you.


# Trend 3: – Palm Cuff: –

The cuff has found a new place to grab eyeballs this summer. from hand cuffs adorning your wrists to ear cuffs grabbing second glances, now is the time for palm cuffs to create ripples in the fashion industry. An inspiration derived from the hand harness or the haath phool, palm cuffs are the newest discovery of the trend setting celebs.


# Trend 4: – Knuckle Dusters: –

OK! There is no need to take cover. Knuckle Dusters were typically used in fights as weapons and later on became a punk trend. But today! jewelry designers have given the Knuckle Duster a quirky face lift with enameled and jewel encrusted designs.


# Trend 5: – Armour Ring: –

Looking for one signature piece to make a statement? Stock up on Armour rings. Creating all the rage in the fashion industry these days is the Armour ring. providing just the right amount of spunk to your outfit, Armour rings will lift the look of any outfit and make a strong fashion statement.



# Trend 6: – Hand Harness: –

The quintessentially traditional haath phool of the Indian women has taken on a quirky avatar in the contemporary hand harness. Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities alike are going ga-ga over this old trend in a new look. Manish Arora for Amrapali Jewels made the hand harness a rage amongst the true Fashionistas and Sonakshi Sinha has been seen flaunting it in parties around town

When it comes to bling and shine, the power is literally in your hands, with the newest rage in fashion this summer being the hand bling. Rings of different kinds, hand cuffs, bangles, palm cuffs, hand harnesses, you name it we want it!


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