As we all know the yellow color is the most attractive color and loved by all of us …. We shall discuss more about this glowing color..  The yellow color is used in the most of those days because of its cute appearance..  it’s the cool hue….  In the 20th century the yellow color was considered as the symbol of exclusion… In earlier days the yellow is used as natural dye..

color separation

Yellow is the secondary color..  Traditionally complementary color of yellow is violet. These two color are opposite to each other in the color wheel.

“Yellow contains the nature of brightness and possesses a powerful force that can also give rise to tension and anxiety.” – Goethe

Yellow is the color of the sun and gold, and was one of the first colors to be recognized by man as important, signifying a heavenly body and a divine metal with all the meanings that still stem from that. Yellow is the color of Apollo, the sun-god, and the solar plexus chakra which is linked to fire. It has meanings associated with joy, vivacity, intellect, force, ambition and knowledge as well as the more negative connotations from gold of power, envy, jealousy, anxiety, falsehood and fear..


From this picture the glowing of yellow can be easily understood … isn’t  it????

Of course the highlight of the color yellow can be understood even from very distance place…  Traditionally the yellow color is the best color for bridal … During marriage ceremonies especially in south India yellow color is mostly preferred one.


  • Yellow is the cheerful and warm attractive color.
  • Sometimes it is considered as irritating color to the one who is already in anger.
  • It is most fatiguing to the eye.

How yellow works physically?

  • Stimulates mental processes.
  • Stimulates the nervous system.
  • Activates memory.
  • Encourages communication.

The color of pleasure :

The yellow is considered as color of pleasure.  We can see some people who is fond of yellow…  Its based on the personal taste.. It is the color designed to attract attention.  The yellow color is considered as the most happiest color in the color spectrum…  The first natural color of yellow is obtained from the turmeric a natural product… later some artificial paste are mixed and color is obtained… Research still shows the yellow color obtained naturally glow higher than artificial one…

The yellow gonna rock in this trend… so try this color and look different from everyone else.

The yellow glistens.

It glistens with various yellows,

Citrons, oranges and greens

Flowering over the skin. – Wallace Stevens



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