Go On A Tribal Safari This Summer With Aztec Prints!!!

Mixing and matching patterns and textures is what fashion is all about and this Summer get ready to welcome the stampede of the wild with Aztec prints and tribal fusion.EasyPeasySummerNailArtAztecFantastically fabulous, the tribal trend is all about showcasing your individuality. Mixing abstract prints with unbelievable colors, playing with the silhouette and bold patterns is what makes tribal so culturally rich and exciting. The Aztec pattern can be worn in so many ways and in so many colors that this trend is catching on, faster than wild fire.

Known for their strong graphic accents, tribal prints can add a funky spark to any dull outfit. Wearing a tribal printed tank top in warm hues with boring black pants can add a touch of glimmer and funk to an otherwise drab outfit. Tribal is for anyone who loves to experiment with colors and trends. After color blocking, the tribal trend is sure to catch the eye of every Fashionista. The trick to go tribal however, is to wear this print alone if it is a single outfit otherwise one should stick with one piece of tribal print at a time, it could be bottoms or tops. Wearing a warm hued plain top in one color with Aztec leggings is the perfect fool-proof way of going tribal for beginners.

Go Wild With Your Wardrobe:-

Here are a few pointers to integrate tribal wear in your wardrobe this summer.

1. Aztec printed crop tops with monotone skirts are the perfect way to look fashionably cool. Accessorizing them with one piece of chunky jewelry – a gold cuff or layered necklaces in tribal spikes can add to the drama.

2. Aztec printed leggings are a huge rage this season. Very wearable, these leggings can be teamed up with just about anything for a casual, everyday street look.

3. If you are skeptical of wearing a tribal pattern you can go wild with the accessories(pun intended)! Designers like Manish Arora for Amrapali Jewels have come up with specially designed tribal jewelry which can leave you  lusting for the wilderness.

4. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities alike are going Afro with the tribal look. Be it Kim Kardashian’s street style, one piece Aztec maxi dress or Deepika Padukone in a tribal printed blazer, celebrity Fashionistas are going crazy-wild on this fashion trend.

The best way to stay ahead in fashion this summer is to incorporate a little bit of tribal or Aztec print in you demeanor. Whether it is full on  mixing of patterns or experimenting with tribal inspired jewelry or even if it is painting your toes in Aztec prints, JOIN THE TRIBE AND GO WILD!!!

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