Fashion Illustration and Sketching, Designer’s do’s

Fashion Illustration [Designer’s do’s]: Fashion Illustration is nothing but the interaction of Fashion by means of illustration, painting, drawing and sketching. The word “Illustration” refers to a type of imaginary visual picture such as photograph, drawing, painting or it can be any type of art which has specific story of theme or inspiration, color or surface pattern ideas…..

Innovative sketches

Representation by fashion figures:

The proportion of human figure is segregated into eight equal parts which are same in height.. So, all these parts are called as “HEAD”. Ten head figure is used for fashion illustration drawing.

Fashion sketching:

While illustrating the fashion sketches, measurements from head to crotch will be maintained and the extra length will be added to legs to create a stylish figure. And this conception is called as 8 head theory….. The very most important theory which should be known by all Fashion Designers!

Fashion Illustrations not only considered with the sketching of outfits but also used for mood boards, fashion forecasting trends and portfolio representation. Illustration as well as represents the mindset of the public because the fashion magazines, stylists, news papers, fashion forecasting stores and market trends based on designer’s Illustrations.

Fashion Illustrators: Fashion Illustrator’s sketches are also used for showroom displays as well as for exhibitions. Illustrations can be made by the use of various standards on different materials.. By implementing creative ideas, more stylish attractive illustrations and sketching can be produced.

Designer’s ‘musts’:

Designer’s do’s acquire common perception of fashion and also have the knowledge about varieties of fabrics, color details.

Designers must have the capability of taking inspiration from various sources. Inspiration is the main thing which leads to create new fresh ideas to the market.

Also must be able to innovates these inspired ideas to original designs

Some skills including process of making the garments such as – pattern making, grading, cutting, sewing, embellishments, etc.,

Designers should have the ability to create new designs for prints, embroideries, stitches, silhouettes, etc.,

Designers will always hold their sketch books with them for help, because if they are in travel and inspired by some particular design, but after finished his / her travel they don’t remember the exact performance of the design, but if sketch book is with them, then they will just do rough sketch of that design and proceed further…..

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