Journey of Cuffs from Wrist to Ear!!!

From the quintessential wrist cuff, people are now trending on the ear cuffs for a punk look. The punk look goes global with ear cuffs.

Ear Cuffs: Statement Accessories of 2014

The long gone trend of Ear cuffs is back again and is blingier than ever. From the quintessential chunky neck pieces worn to jazz up your drab outfit, fashion is now making way towards the ear cuffs. All over the world, Fashionistas are making loud fashion statements with this blingy piece of jewellery. These trendy style accessories have re-emerged as the most sought after piece of fashion jewellery as seen being exhibited on the runway. The contemporary accessories that encircle your ear are a great way to add a brazen element to your outfit. Various fashion models are seen parading these unusual ear accessories available in different sizes and designs.

Rita Ora

Fashionistas are going bananas over this piece of style statement. Adorned by various celebrities like Blake Lively, Rita Ora, Jennifer Lawrence etc, the trend of ear cuffs is now catching on. The best way to show off the trendy ear cuffs is to wear as less jewellery as possible.

How to carry the ear cuff in a casual yet stylish look: –

# Look 1: Laid-back yet Chic

Accentuate the design of the ear cuff by dressing up in monotone, detailed cuts with a one-sided braid or sleek ponytail.

Look 2: Egyptian

To give an unearthly Egyptian look to your outfit, wear the ear cuff with bold, winged eyeliner.

Look 3: Trendy yet Elegant

To rock a trendy yet pleasing to the eye look, you can wear the dainty ear cuffs at the top of your ear lobe just like Cara Delevigne.

Unlike regular ear accessories, wear just one piece of the ear cuff with your trendy outfit to give it an extra pop of style. If you want to show off your flamboyance or flaunt your personal style, ear cuffs are the perfect statement accessory of 2014. From the ostentatious boldly studded pieces in form of dragons and spikes to the dainty smaller versions with flowy chains and flowery patterns, ear cuffs are the dramatic, super cool accessories that will add flair to your punk look.

So ready to take on the punk look with grace and style? Make way for the trendy Ear Cuffs this season!!

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