kick off summer- play with flip-flops

This summer men and women come out and play with their friends, family and experiment with their looks, sporting a nice and cool pair of funky flip-flops.

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Whether it be with a t-shirt, or on a pair of jeans, flip-flops works one for all. Unlike one’s own leather sandals and shoes, flip-flops comes in with a variety of colors, designs for us to choose according to our mood. Flip-flops are water proof, can beat the heat of the scorching sun or the rough sand. Dropping a few more bucks can do wonders and add a grace to your fashion statement. Flip Flops mostly, have a very short span of durability which accounts with its cheap value, almost nothing, if compared to our costly footwear collection. Branded companies like Crocs, Lacoste, Hawaiians, etc are the leading brands this season.images

Best Flip-Flops are in their most basic shape with two straps trundled across the top joined together in the front, with a flexible bottom. Flip Flop thing this season is the right thing to wear on the beach, while window shopping or midst a weekend afternoon. There are many kinds of flip-flops available in the market like, Chaco flip-flops, leather smooth thongs, Cory flip-flops named according to the type of design and the material used. Flip Flops can be used as bathroom slippers or in public showers too as they are most of them are made from plastic rubber alloy. They are comfortable, long-lasting, get dried up easily, water proof, and the best part is that after the whole weekend, one need not encounter any blisters, unlike the leather shoes or strap sandals. Some of them branded flip-flops are designed to soak water and shock for the whole day wear.

Flip-Flops is an easy footwear to wear along the whole day as one can walk miles with ease and comfort without sweating below the feet which is the case with leather foot apparel. Some flip-flops brands use leather or Polyester for different usage, according to the buyers need. These days Chaco design flip-flop are in great demand as they do not make a “slap slap” sound while walking. This season Fanning reef flip-flops are in demand as they are incredibly cheap, much more durable and have an inbuilt soda bottle opener for occasions like a beach house-warming gatherings. Some have a mild zinc coating on the below inner length of the strap to prevent our feet from bruises, if worn for all day long.

flip flopIt is important to choose the right footwear according to the situation, weather, occasion, as in summers.Mostly people want their feet to feel and breathe easy and yet comforting in what they are wearing. Plastic flip-flops are an easy go with denim, shorts, chinos, sweatpants, lowers or rather anything. As long as you have an understanding that comfort is the key to fashion, one would, undoubtedly opt for flip- flops this season as they are comfy and cheap, and if you are active this season, this is the right footwear for you.

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