Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting

Petal / Tulip sleeve can add a beautiful touch of whimsy to any design and really make an outfit standout. Now I’m going to show…how to make a tulip sleeve from basic sleeve pattern. We can make this in two methods.

Petal-Tulip sleeve Drafting First method:

petal sleeve drafting

Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting 1

  • Cut your fabric by using the paper draft. Now you have 2 pieces of each right side sleeve and left side sleeve. Measure the curved hemline of each piece. If the measurement is 10” cut 2 bias stripes of matching or contrast color fabric with 10” length & 3” width (hemline stripe width depends on your wish).

Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting 2

  • Fold the bias stripes half in lengthwise by facing wrong sides together and place it on the hem line at wrong side and sew with ¼” seam allowance. Do it again for the other piece.

Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting 3

  • Turn the stripes to the right side of sleeve pieces and press. Now give top stitch to fix the border in hem line.

Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting 4

  • Time to form this Tulip Sleeve as a basic sleeve to attach with armhole of dress. You have to overlap each other pieces to form tulip shape (make sure mark of C has to be in the same point, which should be stitched at shoulder line). Give temporary stitch to fix the two pieces together. Now you can sew this Tulip sleeve at the armhole of dress or shirt like usual sleeve attaching method.

Petal-Tulip sleeve Drafting Second Method

  • Mark sleeve pattern in paper by using the first method’s step 1 with simple addition of 1cm extra at the side seam of each side.

Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting 5

  • Join to fix the Excess 1 cm portion on side seams of each piece with glue.

Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting 6

  • Now you get the single piece of sleeve. Cut the fabric with this paper draft.

Two methods of Petal-Tulip Sleeve Drafting 7

  • Finish hem lines with bias stripes. Sleeves are ready to fix with the dress, but in this method the sleeve can fix after finishing side seams of dress. The mark A mentioned in the above image is to be stitched at the underarm seam and the two marks of C have to be placed at the shoulder line.

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      1. Hai mrs.keerthi ezhil. I have done lots of patch work with leftover small cloth. I request u to see a few posts in my facebook manimegalaipalaniappan. U can see them and also share some more ideas when u have free time. Thank u for the petal sleeve cutting pattern

  1. Your tutorials really very helpful. Can you pls make a step by step tutorial for Bombay Bra cut saree blouse tutorial.

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    1. hi.. bala.. In this petal sleeve we don’t need any measurements, becus this pattern made from a basic sleeve pattern only… you can check basic sleeve measurement for your reference..

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