Malaysian Batik

Malaysian Batik

Batik is a dyeing method on the cloth, it s an ancient form of art. Batikn Print is a general name provided to the available fabric that was furnished with Batik patterns which actually means of using wax-resist-dyeing process..,

If we are producing larger quatity of goods using the same Batik technique repetitively, we can overcome the cost level. It was a standaard practice under taken in the world wide textile and garment industry…. According to the feature of the art work, craftsmanship and cloth quality, batik designs can be charged from several thousand dollars which propably took several days to make.

Malaysian Batik

Batik techniques applied on the fabric will be visible on both the sides of the fabric.. Wrong side of the fabric also be ornamented..

One’s status could be valued by the pattern applied on the batik which she or he wore. And for exceptional occasions, batik was decorated with golden leaves or dust, this type of decorated cloth commonly called as Prada. Prada is a Javanese word for golden colored batik deisign application on cloth..,

Prada, the gold decorated cloth is still alive nowadays but instead of gold leaf and dust produders are using gold paints.

Batik garments play a central position in particular ceremony which always indicates the royal humour.. Contemporary batik patterns are somewhat varied from the most traditional and formal styles when it is compared with the past patterns. Stencils, engraving, discharge dyeing, various tools for waxing, dyeing, waxing recipies with different resist values. The materials used are cotton, silk, wool, leather, etc.,

Malaysian Batik is Batik clothing fine art of Malaysia, particularly on the area east coast of Malaysia Kelantan, Pahang, etc., The very crative techniques of motifs applied are leaves and flower designs.

Also some of the motifs are relating animal pictures.. but it’s usage is very rare only.. The reason because Islam norms forbid animal images as ornamentation and embellishment. On the other hand, some butterfly inspirations are common exception.

Concept of Malaysian Batik

Geometrical patterns are very famously played such as waves, spirals and lines. Malaysian batik patterns are quite varied from Indonesian works – patterns are larger and very simple, mainly focusing on applying colors on the fabrics by using brush painting.

Colors used are rarely deep colors but mostly vibrant combinations are well wished..

Malaysian government has been anounced that Malaysian Batik as a national costume for any part of the wide-ranging population.. they are havinglocal designers to work for the Batik patterns which should be indicating Malaysian Ideas..

At dinner functions, men’s were wearing Batik made costumes and even women wear the Batik Clothes as Formal dresses with the combination of Modern fashion too; The government of Malaysian persuaded civil servants to wear Batik clothes during the first and fifth day of every month…. As well as East malaysian teachers were asked to bring Batik shirts every Thursday to schools; the school will have a separate patterned clothing which will be offered to every one.,

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  1. Sir my name is Muthukrishnan from Ipoh Malaysia. I am writing a Tamil text book Muthukalanjiyam for Malaysian Tamil Schools children. The book is based on Malaysian history. It will be given free to all Malaysian Tamil Schools.

    My humble request is thay I want to use one of the batik designs for the book’s cover. The design is at The copyright will be under your company’s name and will be credited.

    I want your permission to use the design. This project is non-profitable. It is only for the educational welfare of Indian students in Malaysia. Thank you.

  2. I live in Bali and have been buying batik sarongs and paintings for 30 years. Unfortunately the quality and availability has been slowly decreasing over the years and very rapidly in the past few years. I saw a Malay batik painting on the style2designer sitr and am stunned by the quality. Can you tell me anything about it ? I am not in business, just an individual admirer of a disappearing art artform

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