Stone Washing – Jean

Stone washing is a method in textile manufacturing process which is used to apply a newly constructed fabric garment as a worn-out appearance.

Faded Jeans

Stone washing as well helps to enhance the property of softness and elasticity of otherwise inflexible and stiff fabrics such as canvas and denim.

The procedure of stone washing:

  • It uses big stones to abrade up the fabric being developed.
  • The garments are positioned in a large horizontal manufacturing fabrics washer that is also packed with large stones.
  • As the washing cylinder spins, the fabric fibers are frequently crushed and flattened as the tumbling stones traverse up the paddles inside the drum and drop back down onto the fabric.

A quantity of people and group has claimed to have made-up stone-washing.

According to Levi Strauss & Co., Donald Freeland, a worker of the Great Western Garment Company invented “stone-washing” denim in the period of 1950s.

Creator Claude Blankiet has also invented the technique in the 1970’s.

The Jeans Company Edwin declared to have invented the technique in theyear1980.

Stone washed Jean

Stone washed jeans are the jeans which have been treated to generate a faded and worn appearance to them.

Stone wash Jean can be typically accomplished moreover by washing the jeans with pumice in a rotating drum or can also by means of chemicals to create the appearance of fadedness without the use of a rotating drum.

[Pumice is nothing but a very light porous rock produced from solidified lava, used in solid form as an abrasive and in powdered form as a polish]

Stone washed jeans were a well-admired fashion mode in the period of 1970s.

In the 2000s, stone washed jeans were heavily concerned with pre-made holes, frayed edges and wide-ranging fading because of sandblasting

The fungus Trichoderma [which is present in soils] is also frequently used in the development of “stone-washing” Jean material. Since the fungus decomposes cellulose with the enzymes that it produces; this allows for the characteristic appearance that the jeans have been washed with a stone.

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